Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Tis the Season

Rodney has been grumbling that I'm like the grinch this year.  I love Christmas just as much as the next gal but when the shops start playing Christmas music before it's even Thanksgiving?  Like, not even the end of November?  Come on.  It makes me all grinchy.  However, now that it's December?  Well, NOW Christmas and I are best buds again.  The Nelsons had a whole weekend of Yuletide merriment. 

It started on Saturday morning when I woke up to this:
 A sneaky little Santa had set up an advent calendar of pressies! 

Later on Saturday we went to a Christmas tree farm right here in Cheshire after Rodney had read an article about this local business that's been around for decades (who knew?)
First there was the obligatory photo with the creepy fiberglass snowman.
After lots of wandering around, we found our tree (I think Rowan doing a big shiver helped speed along the decision)
Luckily there was a big, strong man nearby to cut this beauty down for us.  :)
Quite pleased with his wee self
On Saturday night I decorated the tree inside and put lights on some trees outside while Rodney worked on another festive project:  finishing the bloody kitchen!  (photos of both of these things to follow... at some point).

On Sunday we went to the town green for the Cheshire tree lighting ceremony.  Santa even showed up on a fire engine.  We were hoping he'd zipline in from the church steeple but no such luck.  There was caroling, complete with that one dingleberry who always has to sing louder than everyone else, trying to harmonize and warbling with the longer notes.  (No, it wasn't me)  There was hot chocolate and cookies and LOTS of kids. 

So the house is now looking very Christmassy.  The kitchen project is back on track.  Now we just need to finish our Christmas shopping and we'll be all set.  And by "finish our Christmas shopping" I really mean START our Christmas shopping.  D'oh! 


Carol said...

I love the Advent Calendar-are the presents for Rowan,Sophie or Mummy?

Carol said...

Oops...............just noticed the Elf on the Shelf........hope he's got good things to tell Santa!

joan said...

Well - what was in the wee pressies then? Nos 1 - 5?????????

EFS said...

So, what I hear you saying is that your husband not only went out and bought 25 gifts, but also wrapped them nicely, numbered them and strung them with care with none of your help? Wowsa. I think he's a keeper Jen! :)

jenny said...

Joanie - Ha! Please see the next post. I had already started working on it before I saw your comment as I knew folk would be curious. :)

jenny said...

Erin - As I said to Rodney, I think this is the most romantical thing he has ever done for me. I'm a lucky girl. I'm sure Andy does stuff like this for you all the time, though. ;)

jenny said...

Mum - Elf on the Shelf post to follow... :)

joan said...

Lovely thought - well done my first born!