Wednesday, December 5, 2012


For the Nosey Parkers out there inquiring minds who like to know, here is what my secret Santa has brought so far:

On Dec 1: Reindeer socks!
Dec 2: PEZ dispenser
Dec 3: My favorite chocolates (had to Google this for an image as the actual package seems to have gone missing... I think maybe a big boy ate them and ran away?)
Dec 4: I'm thinking this is more of a present for Rowan?  Unless Rodney thinks I am prone to sticking things in electrical outlets.
Stay tuned for more exciting gift reveals!!!

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joan said...

Rodney has given his dad a good idea about something thoughtful to do this Christmas - but then again, maybe not. I'd be sending for the men in white coats if he did! You know exactly what I mean.