Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rowan's First Christmas

Rowan was up bright and early on Christmas morning, and was pretty happy with himself. It was snowing outside and he was wearing his cosy pajamas that aunty Kyra had bought for him.
The living room was full of presents, and yes, most of them had Rowan's name on them.
First he tried out his new rocking horse from Grandma and Grandpa


Amongst many other great presents, Rowan got a brand new swing. We might need to wait until the weather warms up before we can use this.
The quad bike was pretty exciting. He had to wait for daddy to do some quick assembly, but then he was off for a quick spin around the house.

There were a few Star Wars themed presents from uncle Steve and aunty Caitlin. Here, Rowan is learning his Star Wars ABCs. B is for Boba Fett.
Also on the Star Wars theme, here's his tauntaun hobby horse, or hobby tauntaun I suppose.
Rowan has been a lucky boy on his first Christmas. After all the excitement, he took a long nap to build up his energy to cause some more havoc in the evening.

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EFS said...

Poor neglected child. If only Santa could have seen what a wonderful boy Rowan was this year maybe he wouldn't have passed him over... ;). That is quite a haul!!! Merry first Christmas to the little guy!