Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vroom vroom

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I think Rowan might be the next Fernando Alonso or Jenson Button, judging by how much he liked this F1 car in the North Shore Mall. He checked the steering but he thinks there must be a broken tie rod or something, because the wheels weren't moving. He'll have the pit crew check it out. Formula 1 returns to the US next week with the opening of the brand new "Circuit of the Americas" in Austin. Ok Rowan, if you insist, we can spend next weekend watching the Formula 1 racing.

Too many leaves

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It was getting to the point where we could barely see the lawn because of all the leaves that have fallen over recent weeks. So, last weekend was consumed with the massive task of clearing all the leaves from the yard. Jen spent quite some time wandering around with the leaf blower, gathering them into large piles, after which Rowan helped out with raking them onto a tarp and dragging them into the woods. Hopefully we're done for another year.