Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Swimming (and Life) Lessons

We are coming to the end of Rowan's swim lessons, with only one more class to go.  On the one hand I'm sad to see it finish.  On the other, my Wednesday mornings will be a lot less stressful.  I'm not sure why but I can't seem to pull it together on swimming days. 

It's kind of a logistical nightmare to bring an infant to a swimming pool.  Getting in the pool is not so bad but afterwards?  When we're both soaking wet and there's no place to set a baby down?  It's pretty awkward. I thought I had it all planned out in my mind how I was going to go about getting a wet baby into a dry diaper and dry clothes.  I actually went to visit the pool the day before our first class because I had never been there and wanted to scope out the locker rooms and see where things were, etc.  I'm pretty sure the lady at the desk thought I was nuts bringing my baby in for a test run around the locker room but whatever.

For class I decided I would bring his compact travel buggy so that once I had him into his dry clothes I could set him in the buggy while I got myself changed.  I also decided that we'd both wear our swimsuits to the pool to save some time.  On the day of our first class, all went according to plan and although it took about 30 minutes in the locker room after class, we both managed to get the chlorine rinsed off us and get home in some dry clothing.  Needless to say, I was quite pleased and felt I deserved a parent of the year award.

The next morning I realized I had left both our jackets behind in one of the lockers so I had to go back to the pool and explain I was just there to pick up my things left behind.  D'oh.  Pretty sure at this point the lady at the desk is starting to wonder about me.

The next week I thought "right, I need to make sure I take everything out of the locker to avoid the embarrassment of going back AGAIN."  Well, I was busy worrying about that when I realized I hadn't brought a dry shirt for the wee man.  Luckily I had his jacket so he just wore that with no shirt underneath.  I guess a raincoat doesn't feel so good on your bare chest?
When my child cries I take photos instead of consoling him because I'm a good parent like that.
By week three, I thought I had mastered the locker room shenanigans.  I had packed our bag the night before so as not to leave behind any important items.  Ha! When we got out of the pool I realized I didn't have any dry nappies in the bag.  Gah!  Mothering rule #1: always have dry nappies with you.  Everywhere.  At all times.  Like, always.  Parent of the year award revoked.

Ok, week four.  Again, I packed the bag the night before.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  Surely, I mean SURELY she has got it down by now.  What else is there she could possible forget?  And the answer would be: Mummy's knickers and bra.  You see, the bag I had so carefully packed the night before with all our stuff - dry clothes for Rowan, PLENTY of dry nappies, towels, etc. had said knickers/bra in it.  On the morning of swim class, I lifted the bag and the handle broke, spilling our stuff all over the floor.  I was in a hurry so I grabbed all the stuff (or so I thought) and put it in a different bag but didn't realize my undees never made it to the new bag.  Nothing like going commando to the grocery store after swim class! 

On week five, it was getting to be beyond a joke and I was telling one of the other Mums in the class about how I always seem to forget something but that I was determined this week was going to be our week.  We had a good class, got rinsed and changed and I was leaving the locker room thinking, "Wow, we did it!"  I saw the other Mum on the way out and I was all, "Yay, I think this is the first week I didn't forget something!"  I'm sure she thinks I'm a nutjob but she was politely pretending to be impressed (probably calling Child Protective Services on her way to her car).  When we got home I went to throw our stuff in the wash when I realized... no towels.  SO, back to the pool we went.

Last week I had meant to take some photos at the pool for the blog but... you guessed it, forgot to bring the camera.

This week, though.  This may be the crowning glory of my parenting accomplishments so far.  I do believe that (fingers crossed) I brought all the required clothing/accessories/bum supplies to the pool and left with all of our stuff in tow.  (Or at least I have not yet discovered what I have left behind... I think I'll just bask in this glory a while before I go to put the wash in)  And I took some photos!  Parent of the year!!
These pesky lockers, always stealing our stuff!
Oh, and Rowan is doing well with the swimming.  He is very comfortable in the water which is the whole point of the classes at this age.  He does little doggy paddle movements with his arms and kicks his legs and loves splashing around.  Best student in the class.  ;)


Rodney said...

You definitely brought Rowan home from the pool, right?

Andrea said...

Too funny! I was lol'ing and had to read it aloud to Espen.

joan said...

One of Rodney's wee pressies could be a notebook to help remember all those important swimming day things, but I suspect you probably have one already!