Thursday, December 20, 2012

Advent Update

Sorry it has taken me so long to update on the Advent presents.  I don't know how any of you have been able to sleep at night not knowing what was in all those little parcels!  I'll spare you the excuses for the delay and get right to it, so that you might be able to finally rest your weary eyes tonight.

Dec 10: Elf bib!  As you can see, Rowan was pretty excited about it.
 Dec 11: Elf shirt for Sophie.  She was decidedly LESS excited about her gift.
 Dec 12: Snow spray.  Of course I had to try this one out right away.
 Dec 13: Hello Kitty mini puzzle.  Because although I am a wee granny with my puzzles, I have a strange obsession with Hello Kitty.
 Dec 14: Pirouline wafers.  These were really tasty.  So tasty, in fact, that I think Rodney ate all but one or two of them.  Indian giver.  ;)
 Dec 15: Fuzzy cell phone pouch.  Because you don't want your cell phone getting cold.

 Dec 16: Christmas themed Rubik's cube.  Haven't had the nerve to jumble it up yet for fear I'll never get it sorted again!
 Dec 17: Chocolates.  Don't worry, I made sure I polished these off before Rodney had a chance!
Dec 18: Cozy socks with traction on the sole because I am clumsy these days.
Dec 19: Wind up penguin

Dec 20: Cinnamon Spice candle. 
 Candle is lit, fire is burning, wee sherry is poured.  'Tis the season, indeed. :)


EFS said...

Way to make all other husbands look bad, Rodney ;). I think my favorites are the matching elf costumes for Rowan and Sophie- it must have been a good day when you opened those ones! Merry Christmas Brunto-Nelso's!

Carol said...

Hope Christmas isn't an anti-climax after this!