Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Russ's Bachelor Day

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Russ is getting married next week so a few of the guys from work took him out for day of bachelor activities on Saturday. The day started with two hours of paint ball in the woods just outside New Haven. Everyone had a good time even though we were all left with some welts from the paint balls. That's me on the right.Dave, Justin & LeeJustin got a direct hit.After lunch we shot some pool and relaxed with some drinks. Russ lines up a shot.Lee just chillin'Later we hit the driving range at the Yale golf course. Here's Mike missing another ball. Nice form.... and Lee almost looks like he knows what he's doing...then it was back to new haven for some more drinks.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Games Night

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The warm and sunny weather prompted us to have a few friends over for a BBQ. After some burgers and fake hotdogs we played some games - Cranium & Mousetrap. Tera had never seen the game before but managed to beat everyone. Afterwards we played some Wii bowling and tennis.
This was the moment my mouse met his doom.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Andy's 30th Birthday

Friend's and family all gathered just outside Boston for Andy's party. There was plenty of great food and hospitality.
Erin offers Andy a helping hand with his first balloon animal.Andrea is a little over excited with the opportunity to make a poodle....and here it is. Pink Poodle.. but the onlookers seem a little bemused.Catherine working on her butterfly...carefully.Joe trying to avoid making a poodle shaped animal. The concentration is clear on Carrie's face.
Chris tries to interpret this shape.Tera decides that the ice-cream is even better in melted form.The king of the balloon kingdom with his crown and sword. Joe displays everyones work in a type of inflatable gallery."Lord of the Bunnies" oversaw the whole event.