Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Pirate's Life For Me

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Rowan's first trick or treating. He got some candy, but was more interested in picking up rocks and putting them in his bucket.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Westport Kiwanis Triathlon

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Jen has been training hard over the last few weeks and months to participate in her first triathlon. A couple of weeks ago she successfully completed the Westport Kiwanis Triathlon, and had fun doing it. It was a very cold morning when we headed off before sunrise. Jen was glad to have her wetsuit for the swim.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Naugy River Race 2013

The annual Naugatuck River Race happened back in May.  Last year Rodney took part and Rowan and I spectated.  Rowan was only 3 months old at the time and I was just getting back to being able to walk again, let alone kayak 6 miles.  This year, though, I wanted to get back on the water.  We had no babysitter so Daddy didn't take part but he did bring Rowan along to watch the action.  The water level was really low after an unusually dry spell so there were a few places where you had to get out and walk your boat along to deeper water.  Despite the low water, it was a fun day although I was quite sore by the end of the 6 mile course.  I hadn't been in a kayak for probably a couple of years so my goal was just not to finish last!
Maybe next year, Rowan.
Some people take this race very seriously.
There be pirates on these seas.
Coming under a bridge around the halfway point... arms feeling ready to fall off.
Nothing like a wee stroll along the river bed to cool you down on a hot day.
At the end of the race there's a street festival with live music and food and stuff but we skipped all that because we had friends coming over.  When the results were finally posted a couple of weeks later, it turned out I won a bronze medal! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Bike

At Easter, Rowan got a new bike seat from Grandma and Grandad.  We went out several times on my old bike and while it was fun, it made me realize that my old bike just wasn't cutting it any more.  It's heavy and clunky, the gears don't change smoothly and my bum was sore after just half an hour of riding.  I soon ordered this new Jamis bike.  Ever since I picked up the new bike, we have been out cycling several times a week.  Rowan is more than pleased, as you can see.  Along with chasing the dog and eating, I think riding on the bike is one of his favorite activities. And my bum is a lot less sore.

I thought I was excited about my new bike but I think someone else is equally excited...
We took a ride at the weekend with the paparazzi Daddy and he managed to get some nice photos and video.
Eat your heart out, Zoolander!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Tricks

It's funny how one day you can't do something, and the next, you discover all sorts of new tricks. Today Rowan has been showing off his new found skill of getting off the bed carefully. Since mummy has been working today, he is also helping out in the office.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rowan's got some moves

Rowan likes some music while he practices his moves.  Thanks again for the walker, Auntie Sybil!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Family Bed

Unpopular though the practice is, we have been bed-sharing with our babe since he outgrew his cosleeper.  Our pediatrician and all the "experts" recommend against it due to the risk of rolling over on your baby or having them suffocate in the blankets, etc.  The truth is, though, that the scientific research simply doesn't support this theory.  Sure, there are tragic cases every year of some kid or other being killed in the bed by smothering but most of the time these cases involve parents who are drunk or on drugs. 

Sneaky Rowan at about 2 months old out of his cosleeper and into our bed... and so the habit was formed.
The risk of SIDS (cot or crib death) is actually lower in countries where cosleeping is the norm.  Cosleeping has also been found to have many benefits, including more regular heart rhythm and body temperature in the baby and less night time waking/crying, meaning better sleep for parents and baby.  Studies have also shown that babies who slept in their parents' bed grew up to be more independent and have higher self esteem than those who slept alone.  Not to mention that having baby right next to mum facilitates easy breastfeeding, which has to be a good thing. 

If cosleeping is dangerous for anyone, it's the parents!  Rodney and I have both had many a kick to the face, head butt to the nose, eyes nearly poked out by wayward fingers, etc.  Despite the perils, we love having the wee man sleep next to us.  It works for him and it works for us. 
I had to laugh when I saw this picture that Rodney came across on the internet.  We can definitely relate!

So it turns out that Rodney likes to take photos of Rowan and me while we're sleeping.... creepy!  ;)   He didn't capture any of the above positions exactly, but I thought it was a cute collection anyway. 


From these pictures you'd think all we do is sleep around here.  Not sure, then, why I feel so tired all the time!  Maybe one of these days we'll get this kid into his own bed but I don't think it's going to happen any time soon and that's just fine with me.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Winter Storm Saturn

We got another pretty hefty snowfall today. About 6" of heavy wet snow this time that likes to stick to every surface. The tree branches were heavy with snow and just made everything seem so bright this morning.The snow blower was out again, perhaps for the last time. The best thing about this snow is that Rowan got to try his new sled for the first time. He enjoyed it very much, as you can tell from the video below. Giggles galore and fun as he tried to catch the snow in his mouth.