Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back on the water

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It has been quite a while since I was on a crew team but I was pleased to have the opportunity to get back out on the water when we were home in Ireland. Although I competed in various boat sizes, my main focus was on the single scull (sculling is where each rower has 2 oars rather than just one, as in sweep rowing). I was a member of Portora Boat Club for five years during high school. Well it seems that rowing a boat is a little like riding a bike. I got back in to the swing of it quite quickly but my balance could use some work. A boat that is narrower than you are doesn't have any stability, but that's what makes it fast. If it weren't such an expensive sport to get equipment for I would love to get back into it.

100 Miles on a Scooter

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Scooter Centrale / Vespa Hartford is a dealer located 30 miles north of New Haven. Today they were having an open house day which included a small scooter rally to start the season off. There were about 30 bikes that turned up for the rally which took us north towards Massachusetts. We went as far as Barkhamsted Reservoir and had perfect weather for the ride. Afterwards we headed back to the store for a bar-b-q lunch. Overall it was a 100 mile ride on Buddy today.

Friday, May 8, 2009

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I am traveling around the Netherlands just now and this is day 2 of a 10 day trip to study the architecture of the country. I am keeping a separate blog for the trip so if anyone would like to follow along feel free to take a look.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Silverman's Farm

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Last weekend we took a trip back to Silverman's Farm. It was such a nice day that we decided to take the scooter for the hour drive. As you can see, Jen fed just about all the animals and they seemed happy to eat dry corn.Two powerful machines. Although this Farmall tractor has seen better days.