Saturday, April 18, 2009

End of an Era

We started the spring cleaning off today by selling a car to make room in the garage. I bought this stunning silver Toyota Celica "Timmy" seven years ago when I lived in Portland and Jen and I needed a way to get around.The car served us well and with very few problems. I nearly blew the engine a few years ago when the guy changing my oil and fluids didn't put the radiator cap back on. The result was that all the coolant boiled out and the overheating fried the catalytic converter. Since I bought my Subaru I have intended to sell Timmy but he ended up in the garage for most of the year. So at 17 years old and with 133,000 miles we drove over to Carmax where they buy used cars. I had never run a history check but it is their standard policy. So today I learned that this car is listed as having been in a major accident, has had its frame straightened, welded and a complete respray and is offically listed as "salvage". It never caused any issues but your car sells for less when it's listed like that.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Crooked Still - Putney,VT

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Last weekend we just wanted to get out of New Haven and go do something interesting. One idea was to go see a show in New York - perhaps The Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway. We searched our various resources and found that Crooked Still were playing a show in Vermont. We had seen them play at a bluegrass festival 2 years ago. On Friday we booked tickets and a place to stay. The next day we headed north to Putney, Vermont, a tiny town a few miles north of Brattleboro. We had dinner in a Scottish pub and headed over to the show which was just next door.Sam Amidon was the warm up act and was good, if not a little strange.
Aoife O'Donovan is Crooked Still's lead singer. We really like her name. There was probably a total of 200 people at the show in the small auditorium. I definitely recommend seeing them if you get the chance.Here's a video that someone else took at a festival in 2007.

As we were in Vermont and the weather was good, we headed up a mountain on Sunday.
As you can see in the distance, It's still cold enough in Vermont for the ski slopes to have snow.

Friday, April 3, 2009


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Today New Haven looked like something you would expect to see in 1880's London or a Charles Dickens novel, except for all the cars and American accents of course.