Friday, April 30, 2010



I have been planning a rematch with choux pastry ever since the great eclair debacle earlier this month. Tonight was the night. It was a little touch & go for a while there but I think in the end, I won. I showed that choux who's boss.

And then we ate eclairs for dinner. Dinner. Of. Champions.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snip Snip

Friday, March 16th was the end of an era. Well, it was the end of poor Sophie's life with a uterus. We dropped her off at 8am and picked her up at 4pm sans uterus, tubes and ovaries. Poor Sophie. She did, however, gain a microchip. Bionic doggy! She slept the rest of that day and a good part of the next day. Then she was pretty much back to normal and went about her business like nothing ever happened. She had a great day out meeting other dogs that weekend at the cherry blossom festival in New Haven. She may look mad in this picture but this is actually her happy face. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jenny's Garden

We've been working on a project to make two raised planting beds for growing vegetables. It has taken a couple of weeks so far. The goal this weekend was to try to get both the beds into the ground and filled with soil. Well we got one finished. It turns out that when there are a lot of roots and rocks in the ground it can take a while to dig. Once the hole was dug we leveled out the bed and filled the soil back in around it.With the use of an old box that was in our basement and some wire mesh we made a garden sieve and used it to screen the rest of the soil to get rid of all the roots and rocks. It looked pretty good but we bought some bags of soil just to be sure.A few bags of quality soil and manure later and we now have a good looking start of a vegetable garden. Of course we'll need to actually plant some to really see if it works.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Buns

Although many people think that you have a birthday once a year, you actually only have one and the rest are just the anniversary of your birthday. Today was the birth day of twin girls Faith and Sophia in Enniskillen, N.Ireland. Well done Kyra and Gareth! So that makes me an uncle and Jen an aunt. Jen decided that her first task as an aunt was to bake these fancy buns and cover them with colored butter cream. The folks back in Ireland won't be eating them though, that pleasure rests heavily on our shoulders. They taste really good by the way - I ate a 'Y' a few minutes ago.

So Jen pulled out the KitchenAid mixer and went to work with her kitchen tools. Spatulas and spoons were flying and the mixer was spinning.
Jen would like me to inform everyone that this was not one of the buns. This is actually an earlier attempt at making eclairs. They came out a little flat but tasted really good. Another attempt will be made tomorrow.That's more like it. Fresh hot buns from the ovenAfter some experimentation with mixing various colors Jen settled on the purples and pinks. Once they were arranged in the correct color order the writing of letters could begin.Even Sophie thinks that the butter cream is good, for one lick at least.