Sunday, January 18, 2009


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We got a few inches yesterday and today it has been snowing lightly all day. If this keeps up the roads could be pretty nasty in the morning. We took a walk and it was very quiet around the neighborhood. We thought we might build a snowman, but when it's this cold the snow just won't stick together.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last Day In New York

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Gareth and Kyra have traveled to Florida, Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico and New York for their honeymoon. We met up with them on their last day before they head back to Ireland. We had dinner in "The Burger Joint" at 119 W 56th St. I highly recommend it. It's a hidden gem, and I literally mean hidden - behind a curtain.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Friends

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It was good to see some of the old gang again. Fionnuala Peake, Grainne Mulligan, Carmel McElroy, Jenny McGrail, Claire Falconer and Brian O'Connell. We spent a lot of time together through high school. Now they're a bunch of artists, teachers, a doctor and an actress.


It's not a trip to Ireland without visiting some early Christian carved stone. This stone is called the "Boa Island Figure". It is a Janus figure (two figures back to back) and dates back more than 1000 years. This statue features in just about every book on 'Celtic' art and even though it's just 15 miles from my house I never actually visited it before. We got to the small cemetery just before the sun set. It's a pretty amazing work of art.

In general the weather was cold and damp. It didn't rain every day though. This was a cloudy day on Lough Erne.A fishing boat just waiting for the summer to roll around again.A house in progress. In this case it's our house in progress. Located at "The Five Points" just outside of Enniskillen with views to the local mountains. It's weather tight but still needing quite a bit of work before it is livable.

**Just to clarify: No, we are not moving to Ireland. This is a house Rodney's Dad started building for him... not sure what the plan is for once it's finished but his Dad likes to build houses so we don't ask too many questions***

Christmas Dinner @ Tullycleagh

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Now that looks like a good meat and potatoes dinner. I wouldn't mind having a plate of turkey right now.
Plenty of wine always helps too.Tryptophan time. It always happens.Niall has a little beer for dessert.Leah enjoyed her Christmas dinner too.That's right - I've been working out. These x-ray aprons are the latest technology.Daddy and daughter. I guess Hamilton and Leah had a good day.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gareth & Kyra's Wedding

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December 27th. It was shaping up to be a perfect day weather wise in Rossclare. Gareth took a walk down to the lake just as the sun was coming up. A slight frost was melting and the mist was gathering around the islands. The lake was a perfect mirror. Shortly the groom and groomsmen would be getting ready for the wedding. Traditionally, it's common to take some type of limo to your wedding. As a surprise to Gareth, Kyra organized for a lorry to take us to the church. In this case the lorry has a particular significance to the local community as it is a memorial to a local motorcycle rider that was killed - Richard Britton.Aww. What a great photoA string quartet played some well known tunes for the wedding guests. All the paperwork is signed and Gareth and Kyra are officially married.Back to Rossclare for some photos by the lake . A light wind had picked up since the morning and the light was perfect for photos. We even had a family of swans that happened to turn up.Rodney, Gareth and Niall posing for offical photos on the stair.Everything is a lot more relaxed now that all the speeches are done with and everyone can concentrate on enjoying the rest of the night.What sort of wedding would it be without a piper.Niall doesn't like to eat his crusts. Anyone want them?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Nelson Clan

I'll need to get back on the ball and post some photos. Here's at least one for now from the wedding in Ireland.