Monday, December 27, 2010

After the Blizzard

Over the past few days a blizzard has been making its way up the east coast of the USA. New York City was hit hard and Massachusetts declared a state of emergency. Along with the snow came strong gusts of wind that drove the snow in to every nook and cranny. This morning we awoke to an average of about 12 inches in the yard. The driveway wasn't quite as deep and we knew it would take a while to clear even with a snow blower. Mountain Road was closed for most of the day because of a fallen tree but thankfully they all stayed standing in our yard. I knew I should have put the glass panels in the three season porch. It seems that it's not suited for the fourth season. The wind pushed all this snow through the bug screens. I've never really needed to shovel snow off furniture. It took about 20 minutes to clean it out.Sophie wasn't a big fan of the deep snow so Jen was excited to get out with the snow blower and clear some tracks. It took another 2 hours to actually clear the entire driveway down to the road. Luckily we had nowhere to go today and it's better than paying someone to plough.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baking Bonanza

This Christmas was filled with plenty of baked goods. Jenny slaved in the kitchen to make these culinary delights and they all tasted great. The sausage rolls are usually a favorite and this year featured a hot and spicy version.
Here are some scones being carefully spaced out on the baking tray to go in the oven. The final decision was to have nine scones per batch so as not to overcrowd them while they baked.They even got their own special Christmas tins.Shortbread straight out of the oven in various Christmas themed shapes.The mince pies were also delicious.