Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Last night we went up to Jamaica Plain, MA for a party at Carrie's house. What a ghoulish bunch, no?

Rodney and I went as the officers from Reno 911.
Well, hello there, Lieutenant Dangle. Deputy Clementine Johnson. So scandalous she's not even on the show anymore.
Tera, being the ultra-conservative Evangelical Christian that she is, went as her idol Christine O'Donnell. (For the UK folks, she is a senate candidate who has admitted to dabbling in witchcraft... who better to help lead the nation than an Evangelical witch?).
There was a Zumba demonstration.Carrie made a great Robin - as far as we could tell, Robin didn't have any superpowers per se, but was very good at coming up with awesome plans, which is one of Carrie's many talents. She also makes lists like nobody's business.

It's a good thing there were leggings under this Robin suit.
Robin takes a break to go wash some dishes. Lieutenant Dangle's sexy mustache.
And the best costume of the night - Sophie - who went as a bee.A caveman and a pumpkin.
Stewie decided to pay homage to the great state of Oregon and came as an Emo lumberjack.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sophie's Birthday Tricks

Sophie turned one year old last week. She got some new toys for being such a good pet and she's proud to show off the new tricks she has learned. She's mastering the tunnel and soon she'll be adding weave poles to her repertoire.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trevin Farms

A couple of weekends ago we went up to Trevin Farms in Sudbury, Vermont. It's a B&B and dairy goat farm all in one... what more could we ask for?! We signed up for their 3-day cheese making class. We arrived on Saturday evening with Sophie in tow. We went to visit the girly goats in the barn.Troy, one of the owners, is *really* into his goats and treats them like they're part of the family, which was right up our alley. The second day we gave goat milking a whirl. Troy asked if we had ever milked an animal before. Rodney had milked a cow once when he was much younger and I'd only ever milked a human, so neither of us were very well prepared. :) Sophie made some new friends: Zeus and Zoe. Luckily they were very friendly because they could have swallowed Sophie whole if they had been so inclined.This is one of their two horses - can't remember if this is Tyrone or Texas. Either way, he was HUGE. Enjoying the crisp Vermont air. Cheesemaking class: on day 1 we learned how to cook the milk then add the rennet and starter. We left this out overnight to set. In the morning we had to separate the curds and whey.I have no idea why Little Miss Muffet would have wanted to eat curds and whey, it looked rather unappealing to me at this stage.After ladling out the curds and hanging them to dry, we went for a drive around the roads of Vermont. The foliage was not quite as spectacular this year as I've seen it other years, but the country roads are still nice and scenic. All in all we had a great weekend. I'm still working out some of the finer details but Nelson Farms B&B Farmstay should be opening some time soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Durham Fair 2010

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Durham Fair has to be one of our favorite fairs in Connecticut. We went along for the last day and we were not disappointed this year. The weather was great and it wasn't too busy. As you will see in the video below, there's everything from tractor pulls to pig racing.