Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby Scientist

Since Rowan is so advanced, I thought I'd start the college hunt early and took him over to my alma mater to start the application process.  No, just kidding.  We went over to Yale so that Rowan could participate in another study at the Infant Cognition Lab.  They are always looking for volunteers to participate in studies about infant development and we didn't have any other plans.

I took the wee man last month and he seemed to have fun.  First they showed Rowan two toys and had him "choose" which one he liked better.  Then they did a puppet show where one of the puppets liked the same toy as he picked and the other puppet liked a different toy. At the end, he had to choose which puppet he liked.  Their research has shown that babies tend to choose the puppet that liked the same toy they do.  It's funny how this preference for those who are similar to us starts so early in life.  Of course, when it came time for Rowan to choose the puppet he preferred, I had already forgotten which one was the one that liked his toy so I don't know if he picked the "right" one or not!

This month the study was about overcoming obstacles.  Again, another puppet show.  This time the puppets were trying to get a toy out of a box.  One puppet opened the box and got the toy.  The other puppet couldn't get the toy because there was big pile of heavy books on top of the box.  I guess the theory is that kids would choose the puppet that was successful (i.e. got the toy).  This time I made sure I remembered which puppet was which and at the end Rowan actually picked the one who couldn't get the toy.  I figured this was because, while he does value success, he was sympathetic to the plight of the puppet struggling with the books and he was rooting for the underdog.  Such a sensitive little boy.  ;)

Anyway, the best part is that they give you little gifts for volunteering your time.  Last month, we got a t-shirt and this time we got a bib.  Oh, and certificates.  The first of many certificates for great accomplishments, I'm sure.

Let me just crunch some numbers here...
This is how much college will cost by the time Rowan is old enough.  Better start saving your pocket money, Rowan.
I went to Yale.  I'm wicked smaht.
A photo of the certificate itself, as trying to take one with Rowan holding it (and not eating it) was about as easy as catching water in a sieve.

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