Saturday, March 9, 2013

Winter Storm Saturn

We got another pretty hefty snowfall today. About 6" of heavy wet snow this time that likes to stick to every surface. The tree branches were heavy with snow and just made everything seem so bright this morning.The snow blower was out again, perhaps for the last time. The best thing about this snow is that Rowan got to try his new sled for the first time. He enjoyed it very much, as you can tell from the video below. Giggles galore and fun as he tried to catch the snow in his mouth.


Grandma said...

Lovely to see him having so much fun in the snow!

EFS said...

I'm looking at these pics on the big screen of the computer for the first time- they are such great photos of such an adorable little guy! You can't beat that smile!

The Beneficial Bee said...

I love the video! Made me laugh!