Monday, June 24, 2013

Naugy River Race 2013

The annual Naugatuck River Race happened back in May.  Last year Rodney took part and Rowan and I spectated.  Rowan was only 3 months old at the time and I was just getting back to being able to walk again, let alone kayak 6 miles.  This year, though, I wanted to get back on the water.  We had no babysitter so Daddy didn't take part but he did bring Rowan along to watch the action.  The water level was really low after an unusually dry spell so there were a few places where you had to get out and walk your boat along to deeper water.  Despite the low water, it was a fun day although I was quite sore by the end of the 6 mile course.  I hadn't been in a kayak for probably a couple of years so my goal was just not to finish last!
Maybe next year, Rowan.
Some people take this race very seriously.
There be pirates on these seas.
Coming under a bridge around the halfway point... arms feeling ready to fall off.
Nothing like a wee stroll along the river bed to cool you down on a hot day.
At the end of the race there's a street festival with live music and food and stuff but we skipped all that because we had friends coming over.  When the results were finally posted a couple of weeks later, it turned out I won a bronze medal! 


Carol said...

Nice pics..............congratulations on your medal.............who gets to race next year? I can babysit and you can both enter?

EFS said...

I had no idea you metaled- Solid work! I think I may need to up my game to keep up with your post-partum prowess... :)