Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Indiana Jones IV - There's no Pawn Shop on Chapel Street

Today a pawn shop appeared on Chapel street offering cash for guns, gold an diamonds. A little strange until you realize that Chapel Street is being transformed to feature in the next Indiana Jones movie. The store that became the pawn shop actually sells baby clothes. Just about all the storefronts along 2 blocks have been changed to look like a street from the 1950's, even down to the clothes that the mannequins are wearing. Several weeks ago I had noticed that the first floor of our office was being used as a workshop. It turns out they have been building the fake storefronts. This week has drawn many tourists and news crews with cameras. Filming starts on Thursday and runs for 3 days. I'll be keeping an eye out for Harrison Ford (Indy), Steven Spielberg (director of ET and Jaws fame) and George Lucas (writer and producer of Star Wars fame).I don't know who this guy is but he decided to dress like Indiana Jones . It got him on to the news at least.

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