Sunday, June 3, 2007

Kettletown State Park

More camping, campfires, and kayaking. We decided to stay a little closer to home this weekend. Kettletown State park is about 45 minutes north-west of new haven, on the Housatonic River. This camp site is less secluded than we would like, but we managed. We expected storms so we had our tarp up for extra protection.
We kayaked a little on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a short trip because of the black clouds and thunder. We thought we would get out of the water before the storm hit.
On the river's edge we noticed a bird box that appeared to have a snake's tail hanging out of it. It turns out that it was a snake, working it's way in. The pictures below were taken a while later. Judging by the small feather in it's mouth I doubt that there were any survivors.

Here's a picture of the Stevenson Dam that we drove over on the way home today. The reservoir created in the Housatonic behind it is called lake Zoar.

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