Monday, June 25, 2007

Tariffville Gorge

On Saturday morning I went on the first actual whitewater trip with the CT AMC. We headed up about an hour north of New Haven to Tariffville Gorge. The gorge is a popular spot for whitewater kayaking as it's pretty safe with class III water. There were a total of 8 paddlers that came along with our group and me met others on the river. There were several good rapids that we spent plenty of time playing in. Towards the end of the trip there was quite a large drop of about 10 feet over a broken dam. All but one of us made it over the dam without coming out of our boats. Overall it was a great day of paddling. I capsized quite a few times in the rough stuff but was able to roll up safely each time. I still have sore muscles from the trip.
Here are some of the other paddlers:

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