Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

Today was Fat Tuesday a.k.a "Pancake Tuesday." I made pancakes for dinner and we all did our best to get fatter. Rowan made the best effort of all. Sometimes he is like a bottomless pit. Tonight for dinner he had a slice of cheese, a tub of pureed peas, a jar of squash and turkey dinner, followed by a pancake, a pot of yogurt and then some mandarin orange slices. Followed about an hour later by his milkies. I don't know where on earth he puts it all - I think most of it goes to padding out his wrists and his fat little feet. 
Rowan also made sure Sophie got a little fatter, too.

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Grandma said...

Well done Rowan
we'd better start preparing the hard boiled eggs for Easter now-sounds like you may need lots of them!