Friday, January 11, 2013

Kitchen Project - Backsplash

We have been living without a backsplash in the kitchen for quite a while now. We had the tiles and everything else we needed, but just couldn't get started. We had concerns with how flat the wall was, and concerns about whether we could cut glass tile cleanly. Well, since we were determined to finish it before the New Year, we just went for it. The wall did need to be flattened, but that was relatively easy with a skim coat of adhesive. We learned that you can get blades for wet saws that are specifically for glass. So we started cutting and over the course of a couple of days the backsplash was in and grouted.

Once the tiles were done we put the various cover plates back on the switches and outlets. When we stood back and looked, the bright white cover plates just stood out way too much for our liking. This is when we decided to make our own custom cover plates that would hopefully blend better. I drafted up the CAD drawings necessary and used a laser cutter which we have in the office to cut the new plates from 1/8" plexiglass.

This also gave us the opportunity to add some descriptive logos to the switches that had ambiguous functions.

To blend with the wall we back painted the clear plex. We simply got a paint color match to the tiles. We were pleased with how they turned out. Here you can see the switches for lights, dish washer and the garbage disposal.

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joan said...

Looks lovely - well done!