Monday, April 25, 2011

High Voltage

The big project for this weekend was moving some electrical wiring. There was a panel of four switches that became homeless when we removed a wall next to the island so they needed to be relocated. It sounded simple enough but somehow it took us the entire day on Sunday to get it done. There was lots of sweat and perhaps a small amount of blood. There were no tears, thankfully, nor any electric shocks (surprisingly). This is the mess of wires we had to start with:
Here is what was inside the panel once we opened it up:
We had to reroute the wires up through the ceiling and down through a different wall (also note the PVC drain pipe that Rodney moved a couple of weeks ago... we've even tested it and no leaks yet!)Master electrician at work:
The rerouted wires are all going to their new blue box. Now, to get everything crammed in there and connected properly...
Voila! And by some small miracle, the switches worked once we turned the power back on! And there was much rejoicing!


joan said...

Very impressive stuff.

jenny said...

Yes, Joanie, we were more than pleased with the outcome. ;)