Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baking Bonanza

This Christmas was filled with plenty of baked goods. Jenny slaved in the kitchen to make these culinary delights and they all tasted great. The sausage rolls are usually a favorite and this year featured a hot and spicy version.
Here are some scones being carefully spaced out on the baking tray to go in the oven. The final decision was to have nine scones per batch so as not to overcrowd them while they baked.They even got their own special Christmas tins.Shortbread straight out of the oven in various Christmas themed shapes.The mince pies were also delicious.


EFS said...

Looks delicious Jen- nice work! I'll bet the folks at our B&B would enjoy some of these treats...;)

joan said...

At last my Broadband is on so I can leave a comment. Your baking looks wonderful and I'm sure tasted wonderful too.Keep up the good work.Any chance of staying until showtime in Fermanagh?

jenny said...

Joan - yes, one of these years I will have to enter something in the show! You'll have to let me know which categories you'll be in and I'll avoid those ones, though!