Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Last night we went up to Jamaica Plain, MA for a party at Carrie's house. What a ghoulish bunch, no?

Rodney and I went as the officers from Reno 911.
Well, hello there, Lieutenant Dangle. Deputy Clementine Johnson. So scandalous she's not even on the show anymore.
Tera, being the ultra-conservative Evangelical Christian that she is, went as her idol Christine O'Donnell. (For the UK folks, she is a senate candidate who has admitted to dabbling in witchcraft... who better to help lead the nation than an Evangelical witch?).
There was a Zumba demonstration.Carrie made a great Robin - as far as we could tell, Robin didn't have any superpowers per se, but was very good at coming up with awesome plans, which is one of Carrie's many talents. She also makes lists like nobody's business.

It's a good thing there were leggings under this Robin suit.
Robin takes a break to go wash some dishes. Lieutenant Dangle's sexy mustache.
And the best costume of the night - Sophie - who went as a bee.A caveman and a pumpkin.
Stewie decided to pay homage to the great state of Oregon and came as an Emo lumberjack.


carrie said...

These are great, despite the rather unflattering pictures of me. Thanks for coming and getting in the Halloween spirit!!

Anonymous said...

rondney,ur shorts look a bit too tight for comfort!!!!lol niall

EFS said...

A little late, but I LOVE these photos! So sorry we missed the party, but even more sorry that we missed you and Rodney in those outfits! Did you rent these costumes or buy them, so that we might see them next year?:)