Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Buns

Although many people think that you have a birthday once a year, you actually only have one and the rest are just the anniversary of your birthday. Today was the birth day of twin girls Faith and Sophia in Enniskillen, N.Ireland. Well done Kyra and Gareth! So that makes me an uncle and Jen an aunt. Jen decided that her first task as an aunt was to bake these fancy buns and cover them with colored butter cream. The folks back in Ireland won't be eating them though, that pleasure rests heavily on our shoulders. They taste really good by the way - I ate a 'Y' a few minutes ago.

So Jen pulled out the KitchenAid mixer and went to work with her kitchen tools. Spatulas and spoons were flying and the mixer was spinning.
Jen would like me to inform everyone that this was not one of the buns. This is actually an earlier attempt at making eclairs. They came out a little flat but tasted really good. Another attempt will be made tomorrow.That's more like it. Fresh hot buns from the ovenAfter some experimentation with mixing various colors Jen settled on the purples and pinks. Once they were arranged in the correct color order the writing of letters could begin.Even Sophie thinks that the butter cream is good, for one lick at least.


EFS said...

They're beautiful! I'm still awaiting my portion... I think I will stand outside to personally await the mailman tomorrow;). I can't believe you made eclairs too! Now that is hard core!

joan said...
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joan said...

Deleted my message as there was a spelling error - now we couldn't have that!
Jen, I hear that Sophie finally got the cupcakes! Did any survive?
You see that's what you get for not sharing them with us!!

jenny said...

Yes, she helped herself to the few that remained. There were no survivors. Luckily, Rodney and I had done a good job of snarfling most of them before she got at them. And she did vomit later that night. It was a nice shade of purple.

The Beneficial Bee said...

Nice job Jen! I just checked out your nieces on your mom's blog. So beautiful!