Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend in MA

I'm a bit late posting this due to my wildly hectic social life and numerous charity events and all (ok, you caught me, it's just laziness). A couple of weekends ago we went up to Massachusetts. I was thinking of never stepping foot in the state again after their election of a certain Republican senator who shall remain nameless (we'll call him "Scott Brown"). But since the fam is up there, we swallowed our pride and jumped on the pike. On Saturday we met up with Steven for a ski/snowboarding trip. We did the night skiing at Crotched Mountain. Well, Steve and I were on skis and Rodney took his board. He's getting really good on his snowboard now and I figured I would need to be on skis to keep up with the boys since I am so slow on my board. Turns out neither of us had a chance of keeping up with Steven so he headed off to ski some black diamonds while the Nelsons pottered about on the green trail. This is Rodney on his bum again. :) Actually this one was not the result of a fall - he is just getting strapped in after getting off the ski lift. There were plenty of other times spent on bums but we never got any good shots of those, unfortunately (or fortunately). While we were on the slopes, Mum was happy to puppysit for her newest grandpuppy.Sophie also got to meet Grammy Kit Kat for the first time.When we got in from skiing, Mum was in bed with all 3 dogs - Petra, Steven's pooch Merlin and Sophie. I'm not sure if the Bruntons will be offering to puppysit again any time soon but Sophie sure had a good time.

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