Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wooly Jumper

We have become those people. You know those people who yammer on and on about their pets until you want to gouge your own eye out with a rusty spoon just so that you can go to the hospital and get a break from hearing about it? Well, that's us now! It's all "Sophie this" and "Sophie that." Ugh, we're so annoying. But can we help it if ours is the cutest pet that ever lived? Here are some more Sophie photos so that you might all share in the cuteness.
Sophie has an ever expanding wardrobe. Pretty soon she'll have more clothes than her humans. I have picked her up a few sweaters, then her grammy brought down a few things and most recently, Joanie sent her a knitted jumper in the mail. We have yet to sew up the seams of that one but here is another of her favorites: Sophie loves to help mummy with her charting. Do you think this is a violation of patient privacy laws?Her agility training is coming along nicely. We keep catching her running through her tunnel when she thinks no one is looking.Time for a rest after all that working and playing. It's a tough life as I'm sure you can imagine.


EFS said...

Live it! Isn't it funny how you so quickly become one of those horrifying, terrible dog people?? Still better than being a cat person though...;). Andy and Zu and I would like to plan a weekend to meet Sophie soon!

Andrea said...

Love the pics, but not a fan of the anti-cat sentiment from EFS. Can't we at least agree that dog people and Leo people are on the same level?

joan said...

I wonder who enjoys the charting more. You or Sophie?