Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still waiting

It's now 3 weeks until we close on the house. This weekend involved some planning for the move, packing and a little shopping. Ideally we'll have everything packed and ready to go when we need to load it all in to the truck. While picking up a few things Jen thought she would take a look at paint color options. We have no rooms to paint yet.
Apparently labor day weekend is a good time to buy a mattress. I guess any major holiday would be the same. As we are going to need an extra one, we decided to go and see what was on offer. Jen is testing out this one but it's just a little too firm. We bought one that is a little more "plush". Jen liked this chair but we didn't get it. We're not going to buy anything big because we'll just have to move it in 3 weeks.


jenny said...

You really need to stop taking horrible pictures of me and posting them on the internet, dear. Sometimes I feel like I'm being followed by the paparazzi!

EFS said...

Did you end up with the Simmons Beautyrest? We got the pillowtop the weekend before Labor Day and Andy says it is "like 1000 little angels holding you up":)

Rodney said...

I agree with Andy about the angels. We got the Simmons Beautyrest and we like a firmer mattress so we went for one step softer than "firm". No pillow tops for us.