Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dresser Makeover

We were given this dresser by a cousin of Jen's and have used it for many years. It was in desperate need of refinishing and we thought that we would try to get it done before the move. It took about 2 hours to do most of the sanding. The rest will need to be sanded by hand followed by staining, some lacquer, more sanding and more lacquer. Hopefully it's worth the effort.


EFS said...

I've thought about doing this myself, but the 2 hrs you mention makes it sound a little more daunting than I had hoped... Let us know how it turns out!

Rodney said...

With a random orbit sander it doesn't feel like 2 hours of sanding because the sander does the work. The staining and finishing may take some time. It will be worth it.