Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camping with Babies

We usually try to go camping a few times each summer.  I think Rodney went once last summer with some of the guys and I didn't go at all because I was pregnant and was busy puking most of the summer.  We decided to get Rowan started early on outdoor activities and we booked our favorite spot at Macedonia Brook State Park in Kent, Connecticut.  We were joined by our friends Russ & Steph, their 2 year old and their new baby girl only 8 weeks old.  Can you say holy luggage, batman!  

You know those idiots who go camping and then bring their car stuffed to the limit with everything but the kitchen sink?  The people we used to make fun of because they think they're roughing it when they really have almost their entire home at the campsite?  We ARE those people!  It's a good thing you can pull your car right up to this campsite because if we'd had to backpack in with all our gear, we'd have broken backs. 

We stayed 2 nights (although the amount of stuff would have you believe we were staying for a month) and Russ was in charge of dinner the first night.  We had a lovely dinner of chicken and steak fajitas. 
The men made dinner while the women were in charge of child care. 
Amelia with her headlamp.  I'm not sure how well she could see with her crazy hair all in her face!
Rowan being his usual chilled out self
Rodney being silly with Amelia's glow bracelets
Russ borrowed a dutch oven and tried his hand at campfire cake baking.  Throw together a box of yellow cake mix and some Dr. Pepper soda and stir...
Put some hot charcoals under and on top of the dutch oven
And voila!  Tasty Dr. Pepper cake!
Amelia and Rowan hanging out.  Amelia liked to "help" with the babies.
On the Saturday we went to nearby Lake Waramaug to hang out by the water.
Luckily Rowan came prepared with his swim suit.
This was the first time he had ever been in the water.  At home I usually bathe him in a small infant tub so he's never been totally submerged in water before. He didn't seem so sure at first.
But once he got used to it, he LOVED the water and was soaking us all by flapping his arms and legs and splashing all about.  Of course you have to have the tongue out when you're concentrating this hard on splashing folk.

Playing in the forest
One final run through the woods before we headed home

Car all packed and ready to go.  I'd say the weekend was a success.  Rowan is a good little camper.  I think Daddy is hopeful he will be a boy scout someday.


EFS said...

Great pics and videos! Looks like a fun trip, but it's not a real camping vacay until someone hurls on a tree. Maybe Rowan took care of that for me? ;)

Carrie said...

I love this post! Rowan was so cute in the water! :)

joan said...

Great pictures! This looks like a lovely place to stay. Sounds like you will be doing it again.