Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cheshire Memorial Day Parade

The whole family took a trip to watch the parade here in Cheshire. It was a hot sunny day, so we brought an umbrella for some shade. It turns out that Rowan really liked the bands. He would shout and flail his arms and legs about as they passed by. Sophie was more interested in the other people sitting near by, than watching the parade. An Irish wolfhound came by and that got her attention.
We really want a VW camper like this one.
There were plenty of tractors
The Milford Shriners were out once again in their tiny cars
A nicely restored 1950's military Jeep.
And the Irish Wolfhound. We're not sure why Sophie wasn't asked to participate


Carol. said...

I expect Sophie wasn't asked to participate because she was really needed to guard Rowan!

joan said...

A lovely picture of the whole family.
Of course Rowan will be musical - he's showing signs already.