Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Muffin Top

Rowan had his 2 month check up yesterday at the pediatrician.  We knew he has been gaining weight nicely as his newborn outfits no longer fit him.  And also, there's this evidence:
(you'll have to forgive the grainy cell phone photos, the professional is not at home)

Extra chins
 Chubby hands
Massive cheeks

 And a muffin top!
Turns out he is right on track, in the 50th percentile for weight at 11lbs 11oz.  Nothing like being perfectly average!  He is slightly taller than average for his age - a whopping 2 feet!  The bad news is that he was due for some shots.  Three shots to be exact, poor little guy.   He cried of course, when they went in, but was quickly calmed by his Mummy.  I think it hurt me more than him, to be honest. 
Rowan's doctor is a really nice lady.  I think he'd like her if she wasn't sticking him with needles and poking at his ears and stuff.  She's very friendly, she always takes lots of time with us and lets us stay in the room after the visit if the wee yin wants to nurse.  It's nice to not feel rushed at a doctor's appointment.  We go back again in 4 weeks.  Rowan is looking forward to it, I'm sure.


Carol said...

Glad Rowan is doing so well-of course,we knew he is perfect all along! As well as pointing out all his chubby parts, it is also worth noting the cute little rosebud mouth and long eyelashes!

joan said...

He's getting so big and gorgeous! Can't wait to see him again in June.