Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally...a range hood

So the kitchen project has been a little slow moving over the last month. We finished all the electrical work and all the lighting circuits are working as expected. As you can see, the range hood is now in place. The hood took a bit of work because we had to modify it a bit. Although the framework is adjustable for different heights above the counter, we still thought it looked low in it's shortest configuration. It looked feasible to adapt it, so we used a hacksaw to take about three inches off all the metal components and everything went back together quite nicely.
After patching the ceiling where we wanted to attach the hood, we were able get the mounting bracket attached and get the hood in place. A little bit of electrical work and we were in business.
Once we have the rest of the ceiling patched and painted, we will add the stainless cover above the glass canopy. On to the next task. Lots of drywall work.

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joan said...

Looks very nice. Well done!