Friday, March 4, 2011

Kitchen Renovation Reality

Has anyone ever watched that TV show, "Renovation Reality"? We watch a lot of it around here and it's basically a show about all the things that go wrong when amateurs try to do their own home renovations. I wish we had the video camera rolling because we've already had a few "Renovation Reality" moments. After several weeks of planning, sketching, pricing, reconfiguring, and repricing we are finally beginning to work on our kitchen remodeling project. It started out fairly simple - new appliances and new doors for the cabinets. Then we changed the layout of the room so much that we were going to need new cabinets entirely, not just new doors. Then we thought that while we're at it, we may as well just knock down a hall closet to make more space for a pantry cabinet. So now we are basically going to just gut the entire space and redo everything. Fun! And eek!

We spent part of last weekend on the demolition of the hall closet. I wish we had called the people at HGTV sooner, they would have got some great footage as I all but fell off a chair with a crowbar in hand and Rodney managed to hit himself in the face with a piece of wood AND nearly fall onto some nails that were sticking out of the ground. Basically, we are just an accident waiting to happen. I'm sure there will be some more demo going on this weekend so wish us luck!

During:After: We will need to move a few pipes and some electrical before we can remove the final studs. I'm planning to leave that bit to Rodney. :)Also, we finally got our new appliances delivered. Our new fridge is sitting in the dining room and the other stuff is in the spare bedroom.Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be many disasters improvements to update you on soon!


Carol said...

good idea to take before and after pics-looks like there are going to be major changes! Looking forward to seeing the final results!

Andrea said...

I am very impressed and have faith in you guys. Let us know if you need a couple of unskilled hands (mine) or someone who's good with a torch and pipe cutter (Espen) in the near future.

Carrie said...

Way to go tackling this on your own. We sure as hell wouldn't!