Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Apples, Bees, Strawberries & Golf

It's starting to feel like fall. The weather is perfect and the leaves will soon be turning. Monday was labor day and we decided to visit a local orchard just a few minutes from our house. We just missed raspberry season but there were some varieties of apples for picking and the pears are just ripening. We picked a few of those but they'll need to sit for a few days to fully ripen. Who would have thought we would have bees to write about. I mean Jess and Glenn are the bee people. Well they aren't our bees. This little hive is inside the store at the orchard. They have one comb inside an enclosure which has clear Plexiglas sides. A clear pipe leads to the exterior wall of the store so the bees can come and go as they please. There were a lot of them heading in both directions. There were plenty of bees in there and it did seem a little cramped, but perhaps bees like it that way. There's a jar of liquid attached to the hive which I thought might be some sort of sugar water. Jess or Glenn, you'll probably know.
It just so happens that Monday was also my birthday and this is the fabulous birthday pavlova that Jen made. It was her first time making pavlova and it turned out great. I've never had a birthday pavlova before but I have to say it's a good idea. Since the weather was so nice, we headed to the driving range down the road. This range is a little obscure. They have a red pickup truck for you to hit golf balls at. While we were there, the guy working there decided to head out and pick up some balls. Normally I would expect him to use a vehicle that kind of looks like a golf cart with metal cages on all sides for protection. Not this guy though. He was out in his old Buick pushing the ball collecting machine around. He even had the drivers side window down as he went back and forth. Try as I might, I didn't manage to hit him though. However, I did notice someone must have had a direct hit to his windshield at some point. It had a very nasty crack in it. Here's how not to play golf.

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EFS said...

Happy birthday J & R! That pavlova looks incredible! Jen- I think we should really consider putting it on the menu for high tea afternoons at our B&B;)