Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bring on the Leaves

So it is still about 6 weeks until we can close on our house. In the mean time it's easy to start thinking about what sort of things that we might need that we never needed living in an apartment. The basics, like a lawn mower or a ladder come to mind. The end of the summer would be good to buy that sort of thing. On a recent trip to the hardware store Jen decided that we need to have a backpack leaf blower. We didn't buy it but as you can see it was tried on. I don't know that we really need it, but it's kind of cool in a ghost busters kind of way.
Jen did manage to find a great deal on patio furniture. There's lots of good bargains as fall approaches. In this case the set was about 60% off the original price. We even had to drive half an hour to get to the nearest store that hadn't sold out. As you can see the scooter trailer suited the transportation task perfectly.This is what it will look like when we eventually get to put it together.


joan said...

Looks like this patio furniture would do nicely in your sitting room as it's so nice.

jenny said...

Oh, we need the leaf blower, believe me. :) Unless you want to rake the entire yard, dear?

Justin and Randi said...

get the leaf blower. By the time all the leaves are on the ground all the leaf blowers will be gone and then you will have to admit that jen was right all along and you will be stuck doing it by hand.