Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trailer Build - Day 1

The warm weather gave us the opportunity to do a couple of projects that have been waiting in the wings. So that we can take our scooter a little further afield we decided to get a trailer, and that of course meant we would need a hitch. Today's first project was to install a Curt hitch receiver. According to the instructions it should take 45 minutes to install. When you factor in the time to remove five exhaust hangers and jacking the car several times, it ultimately took about 2 hours. We also found out that our driveway may end up with a few scrapes because of our now slightly lower ground clearance.
After a lot of research into trailers we decided to order one that we would have to put together ourselves. It is also probably one of the smallest that we could find. As you can see, it arrived in several boxes.The expected build time is 4 hours. As our hitch install had taken longer than expected, we ended up starting this project a little late in the day. So it is now about half built and will be finished tomorrow.

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