Sunday, May 4, 2008


We were expecting rain this weekend but it turned out to be mostly dry. In an effort to spend some time in the outdoors we decided to try our hand at some orienteering. For those that don't know, orienteering involves using a map and compass to navigate a course to find orange and white flags. Competitively it is a running sport, like cross country running with navigation. We were just walking this one.
I used to do a lot of orienteering when I was in the scouts and with a little research I discovered that there are some local orienteering clubs that maintain permanent courses in state parks. We headed out with our map and compass to Osbornedale State Park in Derby, CT. There are 18 flags in total but we knew we wouldn't have time to find them all. With Jen in charge of the map I think we found about 6 or 7. Jen also managed to find one tick along the way. Luckily we spotted him climbing on her leg before he could sink his teeth in (I don't know if they have teeth).

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