Sunday, April 13, 2008

Andy's 30th Birthday

Friend's and family all gathered just outside Boston for Andy's party. There was plenty of great food and hospitality.
Erin offers Andy a helping hand with his first balloon animal.Andrea is a little over excited with the opportunity to make a poodle....and here it is. Pink Poodle.. but the onlookers seem a little bemused.Catherine working on her butterfly...carefully.Joe trying to avoid making a poodle shaped animal. The concentration is clear on Carrie's face.
Chris tries to interpret this shape.Tera decides that the ice-cream is even better in melted form.The king of the balloon kingdom with his crown and sword. Joe displays everyones work in a type of inflatable gallery."Lord of the Bunnies" oversaw the whole event.


Anonymous said...

Long live Lord of the Bunnies!!

Unknown said...

Damn. Are my boobs really that prominent?