Friday, September 7, 2007

Our Apartment

For those of you that haven't seen our apartment, I thought that I would post some photos. It's very open plan but interesting because we are on the third floor and therefore all our walls are slanted in different directions. This is our kitchen and there is a dining table to the left behind where you see the fish tank. We can step out of the kitchen window onto a wooden deck.
(remember to click for bigger photos)

The bedroom is a separate room through the doorway to the left of the photo wall below. It also has sloped walls. No photos of it I'm afraid. The guitar got a new set of strings today.
This is the living area. If you take a right just after the fish tank in the photo above this is where you would be. There is Tattie, against the blue wall. Fouton for visitors, Poang chair from Ikea, Bodhran hanging on the wall and the TV credenza that I built.

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