Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guitar Build - Day 2

That's right, Day 2. It has been 3 months but my guitar neck finally arrived from Doeringer Guitar. Hopefully the project can get under way again. Neck building is quite technical and I didn't trust myself to get it right on my first guitar, therefore I ordered this partially built neck. I also ordered the 2 blank mahogany blocks for the guitar body.
The neck is laminated using 5 alternating layers of maple and mahogany. The rough block is then carved to become a comfortable neck shape. A dual action truss rod was added to allow for slight adjustments to the neck curvature in both directions. In this case I opted for a rosewood fretboard. A Les Paul has a scale of 24.75 inches and Doeringer cut the fret slots accordingly. I still need to insert the fret wire, cut the headstock to the Les Paul shape, drill out the holes for the tuning machines and glue in the nut.
I have decided to attempt to build this as a neck-through design, as opposed to a set neck. With a neck through this will be a much stronger guitar. The next step will be to make some critical cuts to get these pieces to fit together into the basic guitar shape.

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