Sunday, July 22, 2007

Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival

Grey Fox is a three day festival that takes place once a year in Ancramdale, NY. The festival is now 31 years old. We drove up on Saturday specifically to see "Crooked Still". There were lots of great musicians and singers throughout the day. There were thousands of people there and it seems that most of them camp for the entire festival. There are also many workshops for those interested in learning instuments and singing techniques.

The "Waybacks" in the dance tent

The crowd gathers at the main stageThe "Quiet" camping areaThe "Greencards" on the main stageCarol Young from the Greencards in a vocal workshopMandolin playing workshop with Brian Aldridge"Crooked Still" on the main stageHarmony Singing workshop with Jeff Horton and Mary Maguire

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