Thursday, May 24, 2007

Guitar Build - Day 1

Here is result after clamping the top wood together. As I mentioned this is bookmatched flamed maple.

The 2 pieces were slightly curved so they required a few passes through a thickness planer to get them nice and square. I ended up with the boards being 7/8" thick. Running each board through the table saw smoothed the edge faces nicely. A quick finish with a sanding block and a damp cloth to remove the dust. lay down some paper to protect the work surface. For gluing I used Titebond II glue and applied it liberally to both edges. After lining up the bookmatched faces I applied four bar clamps to hold the wood securely and provide even pressure. Excess glue was removed with a damp cloth to avoid chiseling it off later. The boards were laid flat on a solid surface and left to dry for 24 hours

Leave to dry for 24 hours and hope for the best......

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